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What is Executive Visibility?

Executive visibility is an important building block in your marketing/communications strategy. It serves to elevate an individual’s brand within an organization by establishing thought leadership and providing substantial PR opportunities. Think about some of the largest brand names and you probably know their executive’s names, or at the very least their reputations within their industry — Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. Executive visibility lends credibility and voice to an organization via their executives’ reputations.

Benefits of Executive Visibility and Thought Leadership

By establishing an executive’s positive reputation, people will be more likely to perceive them as a sort of King Midas — every project they touch turns to gold. Generally speaking, the public doesn’t care to seek out the CEO’s names of well known companies, so it’s important to be proactive and seek out various opportunities to get your name known in the industry. 

This is mainly done by establishing thought leadership within your industry for increased media exposure. An individual who is considered an expert on a particular subject is oftentimes a great source for journalists.

Often, the people that most benefit from reputation management are:


Business Leaders







Channels for Executive Positioning

Executive Blog

We can help curate and produce content & guidelines  for an executive blog.

Owned Social Media Accounts

Personal social media accounts play a major role in positioning executives as thought leaders.

Speaking Engagements

Booking speaking engagements and promoting personal brand is imperative to strategic executive positioning.

Personal Brand Management: Our Process

In addition to personal brand monitoring, we also offer personal brand management that includes completion of detailed research, various search marketing tactics, personal brand promotion and online monitoring.


We start out by doing a deep dive into your digital footprint to see who’s talking, what they’re talking about, what platforms they’re using, and why they’re saying it. Even if there isn’t anything overwhelmingly negative being said about you, we are proactive in taking the reins to lead in the conversation.


Whether from disgruntled ex-employees, vindictive business competitors or slanderous false information, we’ll help suppress the misleading information that orbits your brand. Addressing negative reviews, utilizing SEO best-practices and more will help confine unfavorable sentiments to the 2nd+ page(s) of Google search results.


Not only do we suppress negativity, we promote positivity. Through our ‘discovery’ phase, we’ll learn all types of information that’s floating around the internet; and all of it is useful. By emphasizing your good qualities and expanding upon them through content creation, link building campaigns, and other strategies, we’ll make sure you have a good first impression online.


Through our social listening tools, we’ll monitor keywords that are associated with your business to see how they are being used and who is using them. We’ll help you keep a close eye on public feedback, advise on how to have more meaningful engagements on social media, and keep the constructive conversations flowing.

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